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Getting to know The Hub Sponsors – Part 2 An interview with Rana Miah

by | Jul 22, 2022

The Hub Sponsors – Supporting Accessibility for All

We thought it was about time that all our athletes, coaches, parents and followers found out a little bit more about the men behind the companies who support us, The Hub.
Without their support, offering accessibility at the level we do, across all the components of sport development, body and mind, would simply not be possible for our local athletes.
So, who are the three men that believe The Hub can make a significant difference to all athletes, in particular, those who are growing and developing as young people?

The Mortgage centre
Phil Scott
Phil Scott, Director of The Mortgage Centre
Rana Miah
“Kickboxing gave me a purpose, it helped me focus and concentrate, it gave me something to belong to, a place to be, it provided me with camaraderie. I only realise now that it affected my self-confidence, it helped me to grow as a person.”

Rana Miah, Director of The Mortgage Centre

We talk to Rana at The Mortgage Centre’s Head Office in Ipswich to find out what motivates him to commit to The Hub, and all we are trying to achieve for the sporting community, locally and nationally.

Where you involved in sport as a young man growing up in Ipswich?

At 13 years old, I joined the sport of Kickboxing, coached by the former British No.1 Kickboxing champion, Shaz Miah, after Kickboxing, I then committed to boxing for several years.

Why did you pick Kickboxing?

My older brother thought that I needed a life focus, and thought a commitment to a sport would address this.

What did the commitment to a combat sport provide you with?

Joining Kickboxing was the best thing I ever did when I was growing up as a teenager, my experience all those years ago, actually influences me to this day, it gave me confidence, the ability to hold myself in conversation and to stay composed and maintain control. Kickboxing gave me a purpose, a place to be, it helped me focus and concentrate and developed an incredible level of discipline. I only realise now that it affected my self-confidence, it helped me to grow as a person.

Did Kickboxing provide you with any social benefits?

It gave me something to belong to, provided me with camaraderie, whenever I was not able to train, for whatever reason, it really used to affective me in a negative way, now of course I know that physical excursion creates endorphins in the brain, and affects you in a really positive way mentally.

What do you think sport provides young people with?

It helps young developing people to focus on the positives of life, to benefit from the culture and environment that would typically house good role models. My experience is that the ultimate role model is your instructor, your coach, and you feel a responsibility to him or her, it’s like having another family to belong to. It also makes the young person focus on competition, and what will limit their chances of winning, as an example if they smoke, they are then motivated not to smoke, this is where sport supports health, it begins to weed out bad habits and shapes a healthier way of life.

How do you think sporting culture affects broader life?

Sport helps create positivity, its this virtue that can be so powerful in other areas of life, education being a big example. It personally helped me to gain confidence in the class, to put your hand up, where maybe before you would not.
Sport also adds another dimension to a young person’s social circle, it helps them to develop a wider support network. I’m seeing it now with my daughter, who goes swimming, I watch her, and she is making great little friends in this environment, but without sport she would not have this social opportunity.

What personality and virtues do you think sport can give you?

Confidence, it helps you progress in life, it develops a positive outlook on life in general. I believe confidence develops with life experience, I can see some of the young athletes you work with are affected by the environment you create, it helps shape personality and character. Sport helps channel the natural energy young people have, it harnesses the young intensity in a positive way. When I say harness, I don’t mean it in a negative way, in terms of control, its more about direction and discipline.

How has sport affected you in business?

Having the ability to develop work-based relationship that can help you excel within your career pathway. As I developed as a senior professional, it helped me to develop my man management skills through the confidence I have built. It also helped me realise that encouragement as a leader, a director of a company towards your staff is very important, as it is in sport. Its also made me very aware of inspiration and how I need to sometimes create this positive environment within the teams I lead.

Why do you, Phil Scott and The Mortgage Centre sponsor The Hub?

Its about social responsibility as a company, there are a lot of families out there who can be dramatically affected by sport, in so many different ways, and this ripples through our local community. We just want to give back, sport has been good to both Phil and I, this motivates us to support you, and in turn, helps you to support young athletes out in the community. I believe that sport enhances lifestyle, education and many other aspects of community life.