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The most important members of the athlete’s team are the technical and tactical coaches, with the support of parents. At The Hub, we offer the opportunity to add new team members around the athletes who can add their skills and expertise to the coach and parents team.

The Hub team are working with club levels athletes, junior, senior, all the way through to professional full-time athletes.

Every team member of The Hub is incredibly experienced in working as an integrated team member, they understand how their expertise fits into the bigger picture of athlete programme development, and how to work with the lead coach or parents.

Every team member of The Hub is incredibly experienced in working as an integrated team member, under the direction of the athlete’s technical coaches, they all understand how their expertise fits into the bigger picture of athlete programme development, and how to work with the lead coach or parents.


Senior Hub Global Team

Nino Severino, Chris McManus PhD, Dr Ajit Mapari, James Reynolds, Ben Haining, and Wez Pooley are committed to supporting technical coaches, athletes, and parents, with their shared knowledge, ensuring that the need of the athlete or young developing sports person is paramount. As you can see from their profiles, they are highly skilled in this process.

The Senior Hub Global Team will welcome you as a new member of The Global Hub sporting community. You can feel totally confident that the Team have the expertise to ensure that you have access to incredibly valuable programme resource. Their objective is to also provide you, your team or your association with the performance solutions that can dramatically affect your sporting life.

Whether you are an aspiring club level junior athlete committed to simply improving your level, or an international senior athlete looking to put in place an online backroom staff, Nino Severino, Dr Chris McManus, Dr Ajit Mapari, James Reynolds and Wez Pooley are here, online to support you.

Tennis Players
Tennis Players
Tennis Players
Nino Severino

Nino Severino – Founder & Creator of The Hub

Former Olympic Coach, Programme Manager to Official EIS World Class athletes, Olympians and Professional Athletes. Prolific Programme creator, clients include Manchester United Football Club, UK PGA, LTA, ECCB and ABA, to name but a few.

Nino now dedicates himself to supporting coaches, parents and athletes in finding solutions to support performance. He has the ability to work with any level of athlete, Nino simply wants to work with any athlete who wants to be focused on improving their sporting ability.

Chris McManus PhD – Senior Hub Consultant

Lecturer, School of Sports Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences
Director, Human Performance Unit

  • Design and deliver effective teaching and learning in creative and innovative ways appropriate to sports nutrition, exercise physiology and exercise testing.
  • Engage in individual and collaborative research activity.
  • Generate external research funding, including in collaboration with colleagues.
  • Act as ‘Radiation Protection Supervisor’ (RPS) for the operation of the DXA unit.
  • Oversee the strategic development and direction of the Human Performance Unit.

Example of Chris’s Publications, Oral Presentations and Consultancy Projects

McManus, C., Venkatraman, P., Sandercock, G (2020) The measurement of interface pressure applied by sports compression garments: a comparative study of two portable devices. Measurement 156, 107592

McManus, C. J., Murray, K. A., & Parry, D. A. (2017). Applied Sports Nutrition Support, Dietary Intake and Body Composition Changes of a Female Athlete Completing 26 Marathons in 26 Days: A Case Study. Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, 16(1), 112–116.

Oral Presentations:

McManus, C (2014) Performance, body composition and dietary intake of a female athlete completing 26 marathons in 26 days – a case study. British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences, St Georges Park.

Collison, J., McManus, C., Jones, B., Cooper, C (2015) A Comparison of the Moxy and PortaMon Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Devices at Rest and During Exercise. Endurance Research Conference, University of Kent.

Consultancy Projects:

SKINS International Trading AG (2014 – 2017): Principle investigator across six consultancy projects, working with a sports compression company. These projects include assessing the impact of prototype garments on athletic performance, wear-testing and quality assurance processes relating to the amount of pressure applied by garments. Chris was required to design, oversee implementation, analysis, and reporting of findings.

GB Basketball – Senior Women (2015): Acting as consultant sports nutritionist for the squad; propose a plan for varied meals at a month long camp at Worcester, discuss the plan and implementation with two camp caterers (hotel and university caterers for dinner & lunch) and provide support and supervision to GB Team Manager and the Caterers during camp.

Chris McManus PhD
Dr Ajit Mapari

Dr Ajit Mapari – Senior Hub Consultant

He is working as a consultant sports & exercise medicine in Pune, India.
His experience spans more than 20 years in the related field. He completed his masters in Sports & Exercise Medicine from University of Exeter, Devon,UK.

Professional Roles

Worked as a tournament doctor at south Asia’s biggest tennis event the TATA Maharashtra Open ATP 250 in Feb rural 2022. Part of the medical team to the Indian Tennis team at the Davis Cup tie against New Zealand. Sports medicine consultant at the Tata Open Maharashtra ATP tennis tournament in 2019. The team doctor- FC Pune City representing the Indian Super League (ISL) from 2013 – 2018. Team Doctor for Dabang Delhi Kabaddi Club during the Pro Kabaddi league season 3 & 4. Sports Doctor for the first Indian Badminton league. Cricket DCO / Chaperon for the India-Australia ODI series 2013 & India – West Indies test match series 2013.

His area of work includes injury prevention & management, sports specific fitness guidance and program execution; covering events as a sports doctor.

He is a TEDx speaker, director at ISSRA (Integrated Sports Science Research Association) & also at the IRBF (International Roll Ball Federation).

As a founder of !Fit2Sport” he and his team work in this field for a better future in sports specific fitness & performance enhancement – help building champions from more than 16 sports disciplines including some of India’s international medal winners are currently provided related assistance.

James Reynolds – Senior Hub Consultant

James has previously worked with: NHS, Private Practice, Ipswich Town FC, Crystal Palace FC, Manchester City FC, The FA, University of Suffolk. James was Head of Sports Science and Medicine at Ipswich Town Football Club, and has worked with a number of clubs as well as The FA. He has an exceptional understanding of the holistic needs of the athlete, junior and senior alike.

He was an important part of ITFC medical staff, offering medical support and physiotherapy to academy players. He also worked alongside first-team physios Matt Byard and Alex Chapman in ensuring all players have access to medical professionals.
As a Clinical expert with over 15 years’ experience in Specialist Sports Physiotherapy for Adults and Children, James specialises in Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and has many years of experience in Professional Football where he directed the development, treatment and rehabilitation of players at Ipswich Town Football Club.

James Reynolds
Wez Pooley

Wez Pooley – Senior Hub Consultant

FA England Women S & C, Premiership Football S & C, National Educator for Apec, Coach to Elite International Athletes, Wezley went on to develop into a Strength and Conditioning coach for International Rugby and Premiership/International Football teams, as well as now working with GB athletes.

Wez has a degree in Sports Science, Masters in Teaching and is a qualified sports coach. He has worked in the education and fitness industry for 20 years including being a professional athlete, personal trainer, class instructor and training trainers. He completed a Sports Science degree and played professional and international rugby before becoming an educator in the Health and Fitness industry. He is currently Performance Director for MUHDO Health, a DNA profiling company.