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Former Olympic Coach and Programme Manager to Olympians, Official EIS World Class athletes and Great British Internationals has now based himself in his home town of Ipswich, and wants to support athletes, male, female, junior, senior, from club, county, regional levels all the way through to Olympians and professionals.

Breaking down barriers to high quality support

Contact Nino for a meeting, as a member of The Hub, you will be provided with the log in codes for this site, which will lead you to a World of performance solutions. nino@thehubsport.comDuring his Programme Management support his associated athletes have won World, European, Commonwealth, British and English medals and titles.

The ‘Big 3’ plus much more

Nino is a prolific programme inventor and developer, using his programme creative skills he has developed an outstanding portfolio of clients:

  • Olympic Athletes
  • EIS World Class Athletes
  • Manchester United Football Club
  • WTA Tennis Professionals
  • England Cricket
  • England Boxing
  • England Karate
  • UK PGA
  • LTA

Nino has worked tirelessly over the last decade to solve the problem of offering extremely high-quality support to students, teachers, athletes, coaches and parents, and removing the barriers of access and high costs. He believes that he has created a unique sporting and educational offering, placing a highly qualified team, led by a World Class Programme Manager, all at one venue, and accessible to all, whatever level you are competing at. The Hub team are dedicated to offering the “Big 3” components, Fitness, Nutrition and Mental Wellbeing. The “Big 3” will be accompanied by many other areas, including the ones below, accelerating physical, mental and educational development.

  • Sports Science
  • Sports Therapy
  • Wellbeing and Mentoring

Nino initially found himself a very unique place in the sporting world by inventing a bio-mechanical training system. Through his strength and conditioning role supporting official EIS World Class athletes, he quickly identified that the power created through training, in the gym, needed to be harnessed for economical and efficient movement through the specificity of sport specific dynamic movement.
Through his strength and conditioning work and programme innovation, he developed a passion for wider programme integration and management. It was very clear to him that a successful athlete would potentially have a very large team supporting them. More often than not the many areas of an athlete’s life would bleed into each other, offering the high level of support athletes need for development. It’s critical that the athletes programme and support content includes all the components that can dramatically affect the athlete’s performance levels.

Children training
Child training

Supporting the Trilogy – Athletes, Coaches and Parents

Our job at the Hub is simple, provide the athlete, coach and parent with all their needs at one inspirational venue. The Hub exists to offer teams, academies, schools, colleges, associations and athletes of all ages and abilities an environment that affects overall wellbeing, mental and physical development and a support experience that is second to none. All accessible through one team, at one motivational venue.


Our aim at the Hub:

  • Breaking down the barriers leading to support that can literally change lives through performance
  • A “One Stop Sporting Shop”, of the “Big 3”, Mind, Body and Nutrition for coaches and athletes of all abilities
  • Offering parents, a single venue, housing a support team of fitness coaches, mental skills and well-being experts, nutritionists, sport scientists and a medical team including physiotherapy and masseurs
  • Offering valuable online material for coaches, athletes, parents and educational professionals.

Creating a high-quality support team, venue and programme that can dramatically affect an athletes training, competitive and recovery life in a positive fashion, is a complex, sophisticated and skilful business. It takes a very large team of experts and specialists with an extremely wide base of knowledge, supported by a venue with incredible facilities. Unfortunately for most athletes, this is a very difficult combination to find, and massively expensive.  

Children smiling
Andre & Jason Dozzell

Development through body and mind

Through the experience of programme management for many athletes at all levels, Nino clearly defined the areas than needed to be addressed and integrated for the highest levels of sport performance. All these areas fell into two categories, “The Body” and “The Mind”. The very valuable skills of a programme manager such as Nino are very quickly realised when all the elements from both body and mind are brought together in one integrated and powerful delivery.

The hub exists to support all athletes at all levels, this support presents itself through specialists and experts, products, programmes, consultancy, all situated at one multi-million-pound venue, at St Joseph’s College, Ipswich.

All great athletes will be supported by great technical coaches, what is often missing is the resource, awareness or knowledge to develop a high quality group of back-room staff, who will support the technical coach, in their role of supporting the athlete.


Children learning
Images shown throughout this website are taken at different venues where The Hub team of specialists have employed their skills and knowledge to develop, support and educate athletes, coaches, parents and educators, not all images used are from our venue base at The Hub, St Joseph’s College. All coaching, services, consultancies and products will now be offered mainly from the SJC site. Laboratory testing, will now be delivered through our link with Essex University. *Image tagged “Team Hub Members”; Stuart Mcerlain-Naylor is no longer a member of The Hub Team. Personalities and athletes shown in images throughout this website are not in any way associated or endorse The Hub, unless specifically detailed, as example a Hub Ambassador, or reference provided.