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The Hub and Athlex collaboration

by | Feb 19, 2024

by Hubsport Online | Feb 19th, 2024


My last feature outlined my incredible visit India, there were so many positives, including our exciting collaboration with the company Athlex, who have produced a unique testing App.

While I was in India, Dr Ajit Mapari introduced me to the Athlex Team, this started a very exciting conversation focused on how the Hub, and Athlex could develop a collaboration, I’m pleased to say that the discussions that took place in December 2023, have now materialised into action, and an exciting UK launch.

Hari Shukla, GB Archery, St Joseph's College

Nino with the Athlex Team

As soon as I returned from India, I created a list of my network based around Ipswich, and focused on the people and entities I would like to involve in the UK launch of Athlex.

I approached Richard Neal, CEO, and James Morley, Football Development Officer, both from the Suffolk FA regarding Athlex. We arranged a meeting in January, and all agreed that Athlex should play an exciting part of our plans for 2024.

Hari Shukla, GB Archery, St Joseph's College

Suffolk FA Head Quarters in Stowmarket

The Hub have been developing a wider programme with Suffolk FA over the last year, involving female, male, referees, goalkeepers, and disability football. This has developed into a considerable support programme for a range of athletes and officials involved in Suffolk football. The addition of Athlex to the planned launch of our programme will add incredible value, and an element of testing, which will provide all involved with the important baselines required to track development and adaptation.

Hari Shukla, GB Archery, St Joseph's College

Nino with Richard Neal and James Morley

Through our current Suffolk FA programme, I am heavily involved with Warren Lewis-Claxton, first team manager of Needham Market Women’s Football Team. He is a perfect example of a young talented football coach, who is willing to assess and embrace the latest technology that will support the development of his players. During our meeting at The Hub office, he immediately recognised the benefits of the Athlex App, in conjunction with the other valuable components The Hub backroom team components would offer.

Hari Shukla, GB Archery, St Joseph's College

Nino with Warren Lewis-Claxton

My next communication was to Lee Mandley, a very important contact from Suffolk College, and a person who I regard as a very good friend. Both Lee and I have worked on many projects, which have all proved to be very successful, leading to valuable work experience for many students at the college.

I arranged a meeting with Lee at his office at Suffolk New College, and presented all the benefits of Athlex to him, his response was extremely positive. We started to discuss how we could implements Athlex into the Suffolk New College offering, and who could initially benefit from it.

Lee agreed to pass all the information on to Robert Pearce, Head of Education at Ipswich Town FC’s Foundation Trust, and Sam Warnes, Head coach at the Foundation Trust.

Lee informed me that he had spoken with Robert, and they both greated that this was an outstanding opportunity for all parties, and that they were happy to be involved. Robert, Sam and Lee agreed that they would commit to a pilot for the Boys A team, and Girls A team. The Athlex team, and I are very excited about this very important pilot, and the benefit it will have for all the players involved.

Hari Shukla, GB Archery, St Joseph's College

Nino with Lee Mandley at Suffolk New College.

Any product, service or consultancy is only as good as it’s team, Athlex have an incredible group of individuals rapped around this offering.

Hari Shukla, GB Archery, St Joseph's College

Dr Ajit Mapari


Dr. Ajit is a consultant, sports & exercise medicine in Pune, with over 20 years of experience. He is also the founder of “Fit2Sport”, an organization working on fitness requirements specific for sports to help create future champions. At Athlex, he is the chief fitness expert, focusing on tapping technology to bridge the healthcare and fitness needs.

After completing his masters in Sports & Exercise Medicine from University of Exeter, UK, Dr. Ajit has worked extensively in the areas of injury prevention & management, sports specific fitness guidance and program execution, covering events as a sports doctor.

He is the team doctor for FC Pune City, representing the Indian Super League (ISL) since 2014. In the past, he has also been on the medical team of sporting events like Indian Tennis team at the Davis Cup, Indian Badminton League and team doctor for Dabang Delhi Kabaddi Club during the Pro Kabaddi league.

He was assigned as a DCO / Chaperon for the India-Australia ODI series & India – West Indies test match series.

He is a TEDx speaker, director at ISSRA (Integrated Sports Science Research Association) & also at the IRBF (International Roll Ball Federation).

Hari Shukla, GB Archery, St Joseph's College

Arti Phatak


As a founder and Director at Athlex Innovations Private Limited, Arti focuses on steering the company’s business strategy, exploring new domains and enhancing existing customer engagements. Organizational growth, business partnerships and business development are the key areas of her focus. With more than 20 years of experience across manufacturing, software and automation domains, she is responsible for solution definition, Business Development strategy formulation and implementation for automation and software business units.  Arti brings with her experience of working closely with large public sector enterprises in various domains such as defence, public administration, and infrastructure.

Hari Shukla, GB Archery, St Joseph's College

Shailendra Phatak


Shailendra is an accomplished technocrat with over 2 decades of experience in developing award-winning and enterprise level solutions. He has envisioned, developed, and deployed software products and projects for both the government as well as the private sector, in India and abroad. At Athlex, Shailendra focuses on bridging the gap between the market needs and latest in software technologies, with an aim of making sports fitness and healthcare accessible.

He brings to the table a passion for application of technology to ensure large-scale benefits to the stakeholders and leaving a lasting impact on society and users of IT solutions.

Shailendra has worked with globally respected organizations such as Capgemini, CSC and several others and across geographies. He has successfully led high performance IT teams to create several software products from inception to implementation.

Hari Shukla, GB Archery, St Joseph's College

Athlex innovation is an exciting startup looking to harness the potential of digitization in healthcare and are perfectly poised to deploy the latest in technology to provide cutting edge solutions in the areas of healthcare, fitness and sports.

Built by passionate entrepreneurs, Athlex is reimagining solutions in the space of sports and health care using the latest in analytics, AI, and machine learning. The solutions would be both web and mobile APPs, which can deliver information and knowledge required for performance enhancement for sports persons, as well as the overall health and well-being of the general public.


Hari Shukla, GB Archery, St Joseph's College
Hari Shukla, GB Archery, St Joseph's College

The core team comes with decades of experience in sports medicine and information technology, having worked across the globe with prestigious organizations. The company’s team has to its credit several accolades and accomplishments, including the first of its kind e-learning framework for music, the hugely appreciated and useful Covid Care Solution for Pune Division, a comprehensive disaster management solution and a first of its kind solution for automation of primary health care centre operations.

The Hub training, support and education is delivered from multiple sites, by The Hub team of experts.