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Sports Nutrition and Mental Skills Training Programme

After natural talent and hard work, the diet is the next most important aspect for an athlete. Creating mental strength, achieving life and sporting goals.

Sports Nutrition

After natural talent and hard work, the diet is the next most important aspect for an athlete. Here we provide structured, easy to use advice, focused on healthy eating, sports nutrition, hydration and supplements. The content is tailored to specific stages of development and athlete age. It is designed to ensure that the information presented is easily digestible by the athlete, coach and parent, providing useful nutritional advice and tips, ultimately all leading to well-designed meal plans for the athletes.

It will include the following:

  • What is a healthy diet?
  • Identifying different food groups
  • The role of hydration and ideal fluids for sport
  • How to evaluate your own food intake and make informed upgrades
  • Optimal food choices before, during and after exercise
  • When, if ever, are supplements useful?
  • Meal plans and recipes


Mental Skills

Supporting coaches and parents, and providing athletes, with mentoring and the skills to develop their minds for performance and overall well-being. Developing mental strength and athletic intelligence is driven by the need to be ready for the challenges that sport, and indeed life will deliver. Having the ability to mentally cope with these challenges has a dual value, it enhances the chances of sports development through knowledge, and protects the athlete from potential mental and emotional negativity and regression.

It will include the following:

  • Mental Skills Blue Print
  • Developing Mental Strength
  • Athletic Personality and Character
  • The Switch
  • Athletic Precepts and Virtues
  • Developing Focus, concentration and discipline

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