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Our sponsors are incredibly important to The Hub, and all we offer. It’s their passion for social responsibility and making a difference within our educational and sporting communities that makes our relationship so effective.

Without their passionate support we could not offer the wide spectrum of components that is on offer at the Hub. Our sponsors are in perfect alignment with our vision, to support all athletes, across all sports, junior, senior, club to professional level, with a unique team of experts, all based at one venue.

Their support, also enables us to continue to deliver the free outreach programme that supports primary and senior schools across Ipswich and the surroundings area, regardless of their geographics. We work with our educational partners to deliver physical, mental and emotional development opportunities to all pupils.

Nino Severino – Former Olympic Coach and Founder of The Hub


Lead Sponsor – Aquagrain

Whether you are a crop grower trying to grow food in arid lands or a gardener just hoping your plants will survive while you are on holiday without watering, Aquagrain will help you deliver more life with less water.

For agricultural and horticultural crop growers

Grow your crops stronger and help them live longer

Aquagrain Crops can cut irrigation requirements by up to 50% 

Plants survive up to 16 days longer without irrigation if planted with Aquagrain Crops.

Aquagrain Crops can increase crop yield by as much as 3 times. 

Aquagrain Crops is simple to use, can be applied by hand or by standard mechanical spreaders or with the drill.

For forestry, landscaping and desert greening

Grow your trees stronger and help them live longer

Aquagrain Trees can cut irrigation requirements on transplanted Trees, Shrubs, grass and wild flower mixes by up to 50%

Plants survive up to 16 days longer without rain or irrigation if planted with Aquagrain Trees.

Aquagrain Trees keeps your Trees, Shrubs, grass and wild flower mixes healthy and thriving.

Aquagrain Trees is simple to use, can be applied by hand or by standard mechanical spreaders.

For nursery growers, garden centres and gardeners

Grow your plants stronger and help them live longer

Aquagrain Plants is a unique, organic-based, biodegradable soil and compostimprover which can absorb and release up to 30 times it’s mass in water, enabling all your plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables to grow with less maintenance because you don’t need to water or feed them as much as you normally would.

Aquagrain Plants saves water, feeds your plants and helps them grow stronger and live longer.


+44 1473 231281

Lead Sponsor – The Mortgage Centres

Why Choose The Mortgage Centres?

We pride ourselves on delivering a localised service backed up by the strength of a wider branch network. Our specialist regional advisers will have an in-depth knowledge of your local housing market. However, distance is not an issue, and we can give you help with your mortgage whichever part of the country you live in. We never compromise on speed of service or efficiency.

We have unlimited access to the mortgage market and we are specialists for residential purchase, remortgaging, first time buyers, buy-to-let mortgages, equity release and much more. Feel free to browse through our site – if you need help with any kind of mortgage, loan or insurance issue, it’s likely we can help.


+44 1473 253344

Ipswich Mortgage Centre
Ashtons Legal

Sponsor – Ashtons Legal

Why Choose Us?

Businesses only survive and thrive if they deliver what their clients and customers want. At Ashtons Legal, our aim is to be a firm you are proud to call ‘your solicitors’ and are happy to recommend to others.

This means:

  • making sure we communicate with you promptly, in the way that suits you best
  • having lawyers who are approachable and friendly as well as technically and commercially astute
  • ensuring our costs are transparent and fair
  • providing practical solutions to your legal needs

Whether you are a commercial client or an individual client, and whatever your legal needs, our focus is on always delivering first class legal advice with exceptional service.

With offices in Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Diss, Ipswich, Norwich and Leeds, we are ideally placed to assist clients throughout East Anglia and beyond.

Our aim, in every respect, is to be “where clients come first”.


+44 1473 232425