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Hub Rehab Programme

Full library of rehabilitation exercises

What’s included?

Hub Rehab is a full library of rehabilitation exercises filmed by rehab professionals. At a cost of only £4.95 per month it provides you with an extremely cost-effective way of accessing the exercises you need, to create a full rehab programme, and prevent injuries.

Once you are a member of this valuable area of the Hub resource, it will also offer you a library of warm up and cool down exercises to use during rehab and also general training and competition.


The Hub Musculoskeletal Screening Clients

If you have completed our Hub Musculoskeletal Screening you will have received a comprehensive report highlighting areas of your body chain that need developing and improvement.

This report will include a recommended Hub Rehab programme that is tailored specifically for you, and reflects the rehab programme that is recommended by our Hub professionals.

The Hub Rehab Programme is designed as a corrective intervention and will create adaptation to support improved scores and performance during your next Hub Musculoskeletal Screening.


Therapy & Treatment

If you have received therapy & treatment from one of our Hub practitioners, they may have recommended rehabilitation exercises listed within the Hub Rehab area. Access to these rehab exercises will support the management of your injury and pain.



The Hub Rehab resource provides you with an incredible library of exercises that will enable you, with the help of our Hub professionals to design a robust and valuable injury prevention programme. This IP programme will also provide you with the added value of complimenting your Hub Strength and Conditioning programme.

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